Get Involved

“The civil rights movement didn’t begin in Montgomery and it didn’t end in the 1960s. It continues on to this very minute.”
― Julian Bond

How can you help make history?

  • Are you passionate about issues of intolerance?
  • Do you want to explore divisive issues of the past and present?
  • Do you love working with groups of people, especially young people?


If you love working with youth and/or have a special heart for issues of intolerance, we want you as a facilitator. Museum Without Walls is in need of volunteers to travel locally, nationally and internationally with MWW groups. As a volunteer, your trip is paid for in exchange for your services.

MWW is also looking for people interested in assisting with office work (which can be done from your home), publicity or any other skill you feel you can contribute.

Please contact us and let us know how you can help!


If you have a school, community , or church group that you would like to experience a Museum Without Walls program, please contact us. We can create a local, national or international program for as few as 8 people.

View a sample list of our past programs.


You can sponsor a local tour, help fund a fundraising student or give to see a larger program take off. Click the button below to make your tax-deductible donation.