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Hawaii – History, Heritage and Reconciliation

November 3-11, 2023

Cost: $3650

Go behind the veil of tourism for a look at a more authentic Hawaii. Along with stunning beaches and gloriously rugged terrain, the islands boost a deeply anguished history. Our group will learn how early missionaries were key to both advancements in their culture and in the downfall of their sovereign nation. We will understand how reparations from the United States are still under protest and how today what we celebrate as their culture has been diluted through the years.

On Sunday, we will worship at Kawaiahaʻo church, formerly the national church of the Hawaiian Kingdom.  During the week, there will be a chance to gather for first hand testimony of the bittersweet moment when the territory became a state.  During an afternoon overlooking the pacific ocean, a group of native Hawaiians will share how they are fighting to govern themselves in the midst of living in the 50th state. Can the United States truly right a wrong committed just over 100 years ago? Where does the church step in to bring its role full circle to the present?

Spend part of a day giving back to the state by working in service on land given to native Hawaiians as an apology for the overthrow. There will be time to discern the role of the tourist in reconciling Hawaii’s past and future. Our study time will  be split in Honolulu and the beaches of the North Shore. Participants will have free time to explore the island.

Our final day starts with a sunrise blessing on the beach and ends with a dinner (luau) celebrating our time together on the island through song, dance and food. Every stop, story and activity are chosen to give you a new understanding of aloha.

Cost includes all breakfasts, brunch, 2 lunches, 2 dinners, luau airfare, local transportation, some meals, accommodation.

Central District Oral History Project

If you are interested in interviewing local Seattle living witnesses, and are between 13 and 18 years of age, please contact us at admin@museumwithoutwalls.org.

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